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No (More) News Is Good News?

Well…maybe not.  No news can only mean one of two things – thanks, but no thanks or we haven’t got around to reading your query yet.  Let’s just say, I’m hoping for the later.

I understand that things slow down in the summer, explaining why I haven’t heard back from my remaining queries in the last week or so, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to hear some response.

Some response?  Who am I kidding, I want that ‘yes.’

So I’ll cross my fingers and hope that these agents are on summer vacation, enjoying the warm weather and the sun.  And when they’re back, they’ll be refreshed and excited to read something new.

For now, I’ll appreciate the last few weeks of summer (even with the back to school commercials already airing) and more importantly, enjoy the few remaining weeks before my Labour Day Weekend wedding.   I couldn’t think of a better distraction.


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Back to My Life

Now I’m back in the city and back to my everyday life.  Back to wedding planning, buying furniture for my new home, and inevitably hearing back from some of my queries.

When the reply popped up in my mailbox this morning, the butterflies returned, a slight grin appeared on my face, and once again I anticipated what could be waiting for me.   I clicked on the email and tried to keep the butterflies at bay as I read, “Thanks for this query but we are not adding to our overcrowded client list at this time.  Good luck with your project in the publishing world.”

All right, another no.  I can handle it, it’s just part of the game.  Now it’s back to waiting, waiting for more replies and actively seeking out the right agent.  I know the right one’s out there.  I just need to find him/her.  I’ve managed to find the right man, now I just need to find the right agent.  Let’s just hope that this one doesn’t take 20 years.

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